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The voyage continues
to a new Destination

The flight over the island in the pure silence of the heavens is incredible. As dusk falls, the colour of my watch’s alligator strap melts into the pitch black night. I gaze down at the glittering island nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean. As I watch the numbers floating inside my timepiece’s titanium case, it feels as though I’ve been on a round the world trip. The hands have been on a journey around the dial and 24 hours have flown by since I left Los Angeles for Paris, Dubai and lastly Mauritius. It’s been a long trip despite the comfort of my amazing private jet. Time is flying but my holiday is getting nearer. I’ve crossed the time zones and the feeling that I have control of the future is growing in me.

famous for its unusual
approach to timekeeping

Zoom Hautlence Destination 02 Case
Horns, bezel, crown
and screws : polished
grade 5 titanium

Plage île Maurice
Montre de luxe Hautlence 02

The plane lands. The moon phase on my Hautlence Destination 02 reassures me that the time has come to relax. I place the hotel brochure in which I’ve been admiring the stunning island views and peaceful hotel setting on the car seat when, all of a sudden, an impressive banyan sparkling with hanging lanterns attracts my attention. The car glides beneath the lights along a long street to the entrance. I gaze at the structured, classic and minimalist pieces just like the painstaking detail on my watch’s titanium case. I’m led to my property at 3 in the morning. Fatigue takes over.

A regal bed stands in a large space whose walls are awash with apple green and bright white. My curiosity is awakened and it lures me outside to overcome the fatigue which is ready to conquer my senses. I am by the ocean where the waves wash over the white sand and perform a soothing symphony. A warm breeze wraps around me as I open the door. I walk slowly to help release the stress of the trip and the last few weeks. What’s good about this late hour is that I can make the most of this setting in total peace and quiet yet with the thrill of the unknown. I find myself in a leafy setting where the tables are lit by a row of red lights which entice me into the future. I leave the restaurant and find an ultra modern swimming pool whose turquoise waters are postcard perfect. A swimming area in the distance draws my eye with its blue hues gleaming at the bottom of the pool. Sitting at the pool’s edge with my legs in the warm water, I gaze at the sky and the blue-tone numerals on my watch enclosed by the sapphire crystal with a bevelled edge. I can assure you that the anti-reflective coating on the glass doesn’t hamper the view. As the full moon floods my surroundings with light, I realise that the minutes have sped by. How time flies.

Hautlence Destination 02 Details

Montre luxe Hautlence 02 Voyage à l'ile maurice montre hautlence
Plage paradisiaque ile maurice Canapé Lit Ile maurice

As 4am approaches, I spread the white sheets open, replace the plush oversize cushions and do the final ajustements. I reset the time as tradition would have it. I change from New York time to Mauritius time. At the touch of my fingers the rhodium-plated blue SLN hands glide above the Hautlence logo, infinity symbol and stunning circular Côtes de Genève on which the second time zone is engraved. The date marker tells me that a new day is dawning… but I haven’t had time to sleep…This is when I sink into the comfortable bed and let sleep wash over me.

The alarm quietly rings at 10.10am. I feel relaxed and rested. The sunrays shed light through the slightly open curtains. They bounce of the shiny titanium, the hour markers seem to float in the case’s 13mm depth and plunge into the beehive protecting the organ at 28,800 vibrations per hour. I get a flash of inspiration in me as I look at the modern piece imbued with the Swiss brand’s DNA famous for its unusual approach to timekeeping. I jot down my ideas at the breakfast table by the ocean. The architectural concrete walls with innovative patterns, the pools with their many cascades in which the water seems to glide serenely and the pristine gardens whisk my imagination away to create a timeless place.

Hotel Long Beach ile maurice

Salon Long Beach Ile Maurice Montre Hautlence

Hautlence, innovator

I, like Hautlence, am an eternal innovator driven to bring new perspectives to architecture just like Hautlence to watchmaking. I promised myself that I would spend a few days without this watch and the time that binds me to it but my passion for excellence has drawn me back. I soon outline a place where time doesn’t exist. Watches, telephones and other ways to tell the passing of time would be banned. One impressive timepiece alone would be inlaid in the lobby to show guests’ arrival and departure. Just like my Destination 02, the piece will be ethereal, light and modern. You’ll see the time zones so you can cut ties with your hometown or remind yourself that the time has come to prepare the return to reality. I send my idea straight to my colleague Fei who’s still in China.

Just like my Destination 02,
the piece will be ethereal,
light and modern

Calibre description :
Soprod 9351/A10-2, hours, minutes, large date,
dual-time indication, day/night indicator,
automatic winding system.

Hautlence Montre Destination 02
Plage Long Beach ile Maurice

Hautlence Destination 01 et 02

He soon replies to my email: “You’ve bought your new watch. Do you need a holiday? It’s a nice idea.” After thanking him, I send him a photo in which the turquoise water washes over the white sand and the palm trees sway in the breeze. In reply to his question about having bought a new watch, I send him a series of photos of a man gazing at this new precious piece made by an expert team based in Neuchâtel. Fei is already a fan of the brand and the Destination collection and jokingly asks me to send him my precious timepiece during my holiday. In his reply he assures me he’ll take good care of it just like he does his own. At the end of my email, I invite Fei, who so loves beautiful watches, to leave Shenzhen and come to Neuchâtel to visit the home of watchmaking and new movements.

We set a date after my next project in Dubai. For now, this is the beginning of a new adventure for me and it’s called “my holiday”. Drawing inspiration from my surroundings and the beauty of my Destination watch, I let my imagination run wild to plan future projects.

Prix Hautlence Destination 02 18500€
Terrasse Long Beach ile Maurice

More information

HAUTLENCE the watch brand from Neuchâtel founded in 2004 springs a surprise in 2013. By presenting a first line called Destination under the “Signature” label. Drawing inspiration from the House style codes, DESTINATION addresses cosmopolitan watch lovers by offering a complication that is a first for the brand, a dual time-zone indication.

HAUTLENCE has made no secret of its interest in external co-operative endeavours on certain lines. Picking up the original HAUTLENCE characteristics (architectural DNA, pure lines and a 3D spirit), DESTINATION is equipped – for the first time in brand history – with a self-winding movement sourced from an external partner, it can accordingly offer new functions: the hours and minutes are complemented by a large date and a 12-hour dragging dual time-zone display, revealed by a 24-hour day/night indicator. DESTINATION is issued in numbered, non-limited series. It comes in three versions:

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