Madam Ronit Raphael, founder of L.Raphael speaks about L.Raphael, Tom’s Secret and Customer Experience with Luxurydesign.

Portrait Ronit Raphael Spa L.Raphael Photo Gabriel Baharya
Ronit Raphael – Photo Gabriel Baharya

Franck Demaury: Ronit Raphael, could you introduce us to your background?

Ronit Raphael: I created the beauty brand L.RAPHAEL in 1986 further to a personal necessity. At the age of 18, I tried out a skin peeling technique. Unfortunately, I suffered second degree burns as a result and I had to endure a lengthy stay in hospital. My self-confidence was severely damaged but I was determined to find ways of healing myself and my skin.

After several years of research, I decided to set up a center offering treatments and products that would help other people who had concerns about their skin and their appearance, and so the ideal for L.RAPHAEL came into being.

I first launched spas in Israel and I was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2003. Now, I managed L.RAPHAEL’s spot between Geneva, New York, Cannes, Los Angeles and Almaty.

L.Raphael Hotel Montage cabine
L.Raphael Hotel Montage – Photo : DR

Franck Demaury: What have been the biggest difficulties during your carier ? What have been the most satisfying of your carier?

Ronit Raphael : The biggest difficulty is to find a balance between personal and professional life. Everyday I try to take time for my children and for myself. I do a lot of sport exercises very early before my children wake up. Then, we can spend time together for the breakfast. I try to get one hour for myself for leisure time.

My biggest satisfaction is to see good results with my clients. They begin a new way of life full of happiness and more self-confidence.

Franck Demaury: What are the qualities you need in your role as entrepreneur?

Ronit Raphael: I think you need to find the good people to work with, people who love and understand the brand or the company the way you do.

Franck Demaury: What is your daily job?

Ronit Raphael: After my sport exercises every morning, I have to check my numerous emails from different locations and follow the program of my clients with my Managers. I also think about the international development and new treatments and products.

Also, I dedicate one day every week to promote my foundation Tom’s Secret, a global campaign that addresses issues relating to the increasing rate of child sexual abuse.

L.RAPHAEL has established the Global Army Against Child Abuse aimed at helping millions of children worldwide. Its main tool is Tom’s Secret – a short animation movie for parents and children. The production is the first of its kind in the world ever which on the one hand guides parents in identifying child sexual abuse and on the other hand encourages children to share.

The script of the animation movie (5 minutes long) was written by child sexual abuse experts from the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel. The short movie was initially produced in Hebrew, and was translated into English, French and Russian.

L.RAPHAEL et you

Franck Demaury: How is the L.RAPHAEL brand born ? Can you tell us some more about the protocols and care?

Ronit Raphael: L.RAPHAEL Genève is a pioneer in oxygen and ultra-sounds treatments, and has truly revolutionized the skincare science with its exclusive LEC 40, a lipid complex associating lecithin, omega-proteins and vitamins to allow the active ingredients from the L.RAPHAEL Genève products to penetrate the skin more deeply.

I am the founder and President of L.RAPHAEL, in collaboration with Dr. Gumener Chief medical at Temple of Beauty Geneva, and an expert research team led by Professor Shinitzky who has developed a comprehensive menu of ultra-luxe, high-performance face and body treatments. Specific treatments include Oxy-Tech anti-aging treatments, anti-pigmentation treatments, slimming treatments and Ultra-Gravity firming treatments.  All of L.RAPHAEL’s proprietary treatments are uniquely formulated to reach beyond the surface of skin.  Here, they can be most effective in stimulating collagen production to dramatically reverse the visible signs of aging.

Dr Gumener Spa L.RAPHAEL Photo Jean-Francois Romero
Dr Gumener Spa L.RAPHAEL – Photo Jean-Francois Romero

Franck Demaury: Can you tell us the differences between L.RAPHAEL and other cosmetic care centers?

Ronit Raphael: At L.RAPHAEL, we pride ourselves on catering to the nuanced needs of our discerning clientele, who do not have the luxury of time to pamper themselves and take care of their skin.

L.RAPHAEL is a pioneer in oxygen and ultra-sounds treatments, and has truly revolutionized the skincare science with its exclusive LEC 40, a lipid complex associating lecithin, omega-proteins and vitamins to allow the active ingredients from the L.RAPHAEL products to penetrate the skin more deeply.

However, the combination of high technological treatments and our products is behind everything! L.RAPHAEL products have been developed to work in synergy with our treatments and optimize their effects. I do not believe only in products or only in treatments, it is all about the combination.

Soin Diamond Oxy Lift L.RAPHAEL - Photo Yann Féron DR (1)
Soin Diamond Oxy Lift L.RAPHAEL

Franck Demaury: Who are your customers? What are their expectations?

Ronit Raphael: Our clients are international men and women from each age. Most of them travel and work a lot and they do not have so much time to take care of themselves. They enjoy to find the same five-stars services, treatments, products and L.RAPHAEL quality while they are in Geneva, Cannes, Almaty, New York or Los Angeles.

Also, they don’t only want treatments; they really appreciated our personalized approach with each client and our five-stars services. For example, our Beauty Cruises begin with an individual consultation to define your personal goals.  Based on this initial meeting, you will receive a personalized schedule of technological treatments and spa services, a dining plan and a fitness regimen.  At the end, you will have a personalized home care regimen to enable you to achieve and maintain optimal results at home.

Beauty Spa L.RAPHAEL Hotel Martinez Photo Jean-Francois Romero affiche Franck Demaury: What are the next steps in your development?

Ronit Raphael: During Cannes Festival 2016, we launched a new treatment Ultra Power C Lift and the Power C Cure to prepare the stars for the Red Carpet.

This year, we will have a new hair salon at our Temple of Beauty in Geneva with the famous hair dresser Rossano Ferretti.

Also, we are thinking of new locations in the coming years.

Franck Demaury: What advice would you give to woman to feel good?

Ronit Raphael:True beauty radiates from the inside out – with mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony! We take care of the skin but also the well-being of our clients. I recommend to follow L.RAPHAEL’s 7 Foundations of Beauty – a holistic, multi-dimensional and personalized approach to beauty that incorporates medical, nutrition, physical activity, aesthetics, age management, stress management and leisure.

Ligne Beyond Spa L.RAPHAEL - DR
Ligne Beyond Spa L.RAPHAEL – DR

Luxury & you

Franck Demaury: How would you define luxury? The excellence? The quality?

Ronit Raphael: Luxury is the quality and the best services we can afford you.

Franck Demaury : What is your take on the current luxury ?

Ronit Raphael : Current the luxury industry is moving forward. There is a change happening to accomodate a new generation but you can expect the same experience that is above and beyond your expectations. Luxury will only increase. You will never see the standard decrease.

Digital & you

Franck Demaury: Can luxury and digital work together and should they?

Ronit Raphael: Yes, now the luxury and digital should work together. It is essential to reach the clientele. Everyone is reading the news by their smartphone and follows bloggers or celebrities on the social medias. We need to collaborate with these people to increase our image. We use our social medias to communicate all the news we have. It is a huge success!

L.Raphael Hotel Montage Beverly Hills rooftop
L.Raphael Hotel Montage Beverly Hills – Photo : DR

Franck Demaury: How are the digital and the communication evolved since you started?

Ronit Raphael: At the beginning, we worked with print magazines. Now we have publications in both magazines and websites. And we have a social medias manager to update our social medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest…)

Franck Demaury: Can branding be done digital today?

Ronnie Raphael: Definitively not. This is a new way of communication

Your luxury

Franck Demaury: Which achievement are most proud of? Personally? Professionally?

Personally: I am most proud of my family and having achieved genuine friendships around me.

Professionally: I feel that I have created a new movement in every country that I have planted a new location. Switzerland, Israel, France, Russia, Kazakhstan and the U.S. are my current achievements. I was very proud to have spoken at the Spa Summit about the future of the spa.