Recently opened in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, the Five Codet is a welcome surprise for lovers of luxury and art collectors … Come to discover the Nuel signature.

Le Cinq Codet Paris

At the hour of the night when the city of light is almost asleep. A car crossing the road, a motorcycle traveling in the adjacent street, and then silence dominates….In front of a former France Telecom building from the 30′s, my taxi stops…

A place looking for freedom from the codes of standardized hotels.

Flowing lines angled to the sides, curved lines for input, and white light all around, the front facade takes on the appearance of an admirable vessel. The striped windows let people see the chic and artistic interior. Transparency seems to be the name of the game of this hotel, which was described as a place seeking “to emancipate itself from the codes of standardization”.

Le 5 Codet Paris Trillard

In the lobby, where the artwork interacts with the photographs of Jean-Pierre Porcher, I wait in stillness. The time allotted by the receptionist to inform the customer in front of me, I can observe large cubic lampshades hanging here and there.

Le Cinq Codet 5 rue Louis Codet 75007 Paris France

Further, the concierge desk “Golden Key” contains the codes Nuel agency, and catches my attention. I know I will need it during my stay. The efficient and friendly receptionist gives me the feeling of being a regular, even a friend of the premises. I then took the opportunity to inform myself about this new hotel located not far from the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides and the Rodin Museum.

Designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel
Designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel

My question about the number of rooms available to the hotel, the receptionist replied “67 rooms and suites, including 7 Junior Suites, 3 Junior Suites and 4 Duplex Suites signatures called The Dome, Eiffel, Rodin and Louis Codet”. I quickly understand that the theme of the hotel is a real ship is with deep human dimension.
I booked a duplex suite, the same my friend stayed. By pushing the door I discovered a loft before me, with big windows allowing me see Paris in all its splendor.

Terrace 5 codet Paris Luxury Hotel

The golden roof of the Invalides sparkle, while the room is immersed in a subdued and soft light. A wide angle seat guides me towards the stairs, at which I find the famous long-awaited sequel from the moment I woke up. By gradually climbing the steps, I leave the first floor decor made of wood and glass to achieve a bright and relaxing cocoon. This is obviously not the bed which surprises me since they are generally similar from one hotel to another, but rather the entire sleeping area. Curtains drawn, frames hanging on the dark walls, warm light is in a cozy and contemporary atmosphere and I begin to relax. By climbing the steps, I noticed the hot tub footboard and without further ado, I enjoy the hot water for a relaxing time. My mobile vibrates. Elsa tells me that her taxi is arriving.

67 rooms and suites

Our romantic weekend will begin shortly … The jazzy music breaks the silence of the duplex plunged into darkness. I throw a few flowers here and there as if to show her the way to go. Meanwhile, it remains for me to dive into the warm water of this well-deserved bath. I hear footsteps on the stairs, I feel her perfume when she approached me slowly, I feel her lips on mine when she kisses me. I had gone elsewhere relaxing in this luxurious room, I return quickly to reality, a good reality. She strips off, taking his time, becoming poor. Little light, just enough to emphasize her curves, her perfect body. She slips into the water, moved against me in the silence …


In the morning, a tour of the 400 works of art in the the hotel is needed. The painting of Caroline Touzet and Cyril Destrade-Leveille, as well as photographs of Véronique Durruty or Gilles Trillard transform the hotel into a real art gallery where the furniture designed by the icons of furniture such as Tom Dixon, Patricia Urquiola or Nuel Agency meet.

Design Cinq codet

The art continues in the common use luxury kitchen. Around a large table, recalling the spirit of “the hosts table”, the manager converses with residents while preparing the necessary to satisfy their cravings. We sit on the last two remaining high chairs that we share with the other guests at the table and with the Chef. We discover, learn and unveil the diversity of each.

Bathroom design Cinq Codet Paris

After a romantic walk along the banks of the Seine, it is in an isolated context that we escape from the city. The hotel hides in its heart a natural shelter where a trellis organ is playing and plant essences invite us to relax away from the urban jungle. In private, we become teenagers spending our time enjoying one another. 10 years of love and still the same passion, I feel the same every time she looks at and kisses me. Elsa decided to return to the room to find inspiration for our future apartment. The shape of the corridors, are atypical and geometric. She looks at me and smiled when I told her “Do not even think about it.” I know she is able to remake the same thing in our future interior. We then returned to our duplex suite to rediscover the spirit of “collector apartments” where various art piles and multiply, where privacy meets energy, where freedom lives …

Luxury Hotel in Paris 5 Codet

While I see the sketches piling on the couch, I escape to the outside jacuzzi. It’s like a time bracket in which you travel through the world. I feel in a Norwegian bath house outside. Here, the setting is a little more exotic from the surrounding woods, but the effect is almost the same. Apart from the sound of water, nothing disturbs us now. When I enter later in the steam room, I discover that which occupies my mind … Elsa is in the moist but relaxing heat …

We live an intimate and chic experience a new emotion in a place where hotel codes no longer exist.