The most vital accessory for any superyacht is its tender. Whether transporting guests from the yacht’s beach club to the shore or towing a fun water toy, a tender is a necessary accessory for any luxury superyacht. Shipyards have tapped into this logic, with an increasing number of pocket vessels being designed to act specifically as a support vessel to larger yachts, and carry tenders and a selection of water toys. Able to transport many yachting accessories, M/Y YXT-20 is a uniquely designed yacht that eliminates the problem of selecting just one tender; she reflects the increasing interest in tenders as a fundamental component of the overall yachting experience.


Yacht tenders are the utility vehicles of the yachting industry. Just recently at the Monaco Yacht Show, a number of tenders could be seen transporting visitors from one side of the show to the other, saving time and preventing overcrowding. Fraser Yachts partnered with Wajer Wajer, Bernico and Revolt in order to shuttle clients to yachts at anchor in style and comfort. Wajer Wajer also took the event as an opportunity to debut their new Wajer 55 model.


While there are many extraordinary tender designs on the market, the perfect tender model depends very much on one’s needs: do you crave adrenaline-pumping speed? Or do you prefer staying warm, dry and comfortable on your journeys ashore? Do you want to literally fly above the waves? Or would you enjoy the convenience of being able to drive up onto the sand?

We’ve put together a selection of the four most innovative yacht tenders on the market for 2017 to help you decide.

4. Jeep or Tank? The Battle of the Amphibious Vehicles

Imagine heading to the shore from your yacht, driving up onto the sand and taking to the open road without the bother of getting your feet wet. Amphibious vehicles are rising in popularity as models become more efficient. There are different models available for different needs, with frontrunners including the Panther vehicle from Watercar that looks like a jeep and drives well on the road, or the tank-like vehicle from Iguana with caterpillar treads for extreme terrain. You’ll certainly make an unforgettable entrance on the beach with these amphibious tenders.

The innovative 49.90m M/Y EXUMA carries a personalised amphibious jeep from Iveco and is available to charter. The stunning superyacht, which is designed for exploration, also carries a hovercraft, wave runners, Seabobs and two Castoldi tenders. She accommodates nine guests in five staterooms and can be chartered from EUR 189,000/week.


3. Transfer in Style in a Limousine Tender

Limousine tenders offer the ultimate in comfort, with a luxurious closed interior to keep you dry in all weather conditions as you cruise in total privacy. One premier model available is the beautifully sleek SL Limousine tender from Pascoe International, which snared the ‘Tender Design’ category at the exclusive 2016 ShowBoats Awards. The trend is to customise your limo tender to match your superyacht, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to the build, design, colour schemes, and onboard gadgets.

57m superyacht DIAMOND A boasts a 7.1m custom limousine tender.  Extremely spacious, the interior of this statement superyacht emphasises the natural light with its oversized windows. Offering huge volume and nine staterooms, she is available for charter starting from USD 270,000/week.


2. Feel the Thrill of Speed in the Midnight Express

The Midnight Express Quintessence 43 has five Mercury 400hp outboard engines, lending this super-fast tender a blistering speed of 78 knots and an astonishing 2,000 horsepower. Her twin-stepped hull design maximises vessel strength and minimises bow rise for a more comfortable ride at high speeds, while the easy handling afforded by the 2-lever pilot control gives a great driving experience and enhanced safety. This summer, why not streak across the water, feel the wind in your hair and witness all the other tenders vanish in your wake?

1. The Flying Yacht: Foiler 41

Making a big splash at the recent Monaco Yacht Show 2016 was the world’s first flying motor yacht, the Foiler 41, from Foiler. Fitted with retractable hydrofoils, this spectacular vessel can fly up to one metre above the sea’s surface, creating a flying carpet-like sensation and completely removing any uncomfortable motion from the waves. The Foiler 41 has a phenomenal top speed of 45 knots, and achieves lift-off at 18 knots. With a sleek carbon fibre exterior, reminiscent of luxury automotive design, and offering great fuel efficiency, this 41 foot flying yacht is set to be the yacht tender accessory for the high-flying superyacht crowd in coming years and is now available to order.

These are just a few of the exciting new yacht tenders on the market. If you prefer a fishing tender or a glamorously classic tender then there are plenty of excellent choices out there for you as well.