Mister Sergey Petrossov, founder of JetSmarter speaks about Excellence, luxury and Customer Experience with Luxurydesign.

JetSmarter Sergey  Petrossov

Franck Demaury : Sergey, can you tell us more about your path?

I spent my childhood esteeming to be an entrepreneur.  I studied Finance at the University of Florida, and started my first tech company as a freshman in college.  I co-founded two IT projects prior to JetSmarter: an online chat system for website customer service, and a distance-learning platform for Russian speaking educational institutions. I also served as a board advisor to a private jet operator based in South Florida, who at the time had the world’s largest on-demand Gulfstream charter fleet.

Franck Demaury : What were your bigger difficulties during your professional career? What were the biggest accomplishments?

As an entrepreneur, I don’t look at setbacks as a negative.  I see them as difficulties that I have encountered, which has made my company stronger, and what it is today.  I’d say one of our biggest accomplishments is that we’re the first company to launch a transatlantic shared private jet flight from New York City to London, which is really exciting for us and our members.

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JetSmarter and you

Franck Demaury : What started the JetSmarter story?

In 2009 I began flying private after selling my first IT company and quickly came to realize that the private jet industry was very archaic; its brick and mortar process of picking up the phone, waiting hours and speaking to numerous different people in order to charter a jet was outdated and inconvenient. In 2012, I spoke to the carriers I had established relationships with and discussed how large of an impact an app to charter a private plane would have on the industry. In August 2012, I made it a reality and created the beta version of JetSmarter, sharing it with an exclusive group of industry experts and frequent private jet users. In March 2013, JetSmarter launched globally.

Franck Demaury : Can you explain what JetSmarter is?

In March of 2013, I launched JetSmarter, the world’s largest mobile marketplace for private jets, that allows travelers to create custom charters, as well as book seats across thousands of flights across the US, Europe and Middle East. As a member’s only service, JetSmarter has not only made private jet travel more accessible for consumers by lowering entry costs, but its fundamentally rewired the marketplace, and reinvented an industry for the on-demand economy.  Within the app, JetSmarter’s full range of services are available in three categories JetShuttle, JetCharter and JetDeals, allowing members to quickly and easily find a flight that best suits their needs.  The breakdown of each service is as follows:

- JetShuttle: Shared private jet flights; members can search for and book a seat on an already scheduled route

- JetCharter: Members can customize and create their own charter flights. Within this option, they can book an entire jet to themselves, or create a “shared charter” flight, which allows them to purchase individual seats on a flight (between shuttle cities). This flight is then opened up into the JetShuttle section of the app, therefore creating a shared flight that is available for other members

JetDeals: Exclusive one-way flights on private jets, where members can book a flight to a new destination city daily

Additionally, benefits of the JetSmarter membership include 24/7 customer support, as well as access to JetSmarter’s Concierge Service, provided by the Member Experiences Team, which provides clients with a variety of services including hotel accommodations, exotic car rentals, access to exclusive events, premium tables at fine restaurants, and much more.


Franck Demaury : For you, what makes the reputation of JetSmarter?

We are the fastest growing private jet company in the world, and are sought after by top tier celebrity fans, such as Jamie Foxx, Emily Ratajkowski, Jenny McCarthy, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Chanel Iman, Coco Rocha, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, Fergie and more.

Franck Demaury : How the JetSmarter project has been built?

We connect our members with thousands of flights that become available from our air carrier partners, and I’m particularly proud of our ability to secure the right supply of flights on the platform, which has helped JetSmarter deliver unmatched services to our users.  We are currently partnered with over 800 air carriers worldwide, who work with our team to provide our app users with around 3,200 aircraft and 4,000 free flights each month.

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Franck Demaury : What were the difficulties?

A challenge we faced while growing was that people didn’t believe that they could now fly private at the entry level price they were buying into, and now people are able to network with other like-minded people on our jets, make business deals, and fly to places more often than before utilizing our JetShuttles.

Franck Demaury : Who are your competitors? What are the differences between you and them?

We offer a unique business model unlike any other private jet venture.  JetSmarter is the only private travel service company to operate by way of an innovative app technology. Our aim is to make flying private something accessible to the masses not just a privileged 1 percent. We offer 4,000 free flights each month to our members who have access to these flights daily. With our JetDeal offerings, members book anywhere from 2-5 free seats on a private jet flight, and are able to book additional seats on a flight for a nominal fee per extra seat.  Our JetShuttle is also one of our most popular services, which are shared private jet flights, where members can search for and book an already scheduled fight (with the first seat free) or create their own JetShuttle.

Franck Demaury : Who are your clients? What do they expect?

Our typical user is anyone from entrepreneurs and real estate brokers growing their business to top models traveling from city to city for different photoshoots and fashion shows.

Franck Demaury : What are your plans for the future?

Our members really love our product, and we’ve seen a significant growth since the launch in March 2013, growing 15-20% each month. To date, JetSmarter has had over 800,000+ downloads, so we expect that growth to continue exponentially. We’re rapidly expanding across the globe and just launched the first-ever transatlantic, shared private jet flight from NY to London.

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Digital and you

Franck Demaury : How JetSmarter adapt itself with digital?

The digital world is and will continue to be the future for most services and products being delivered. Mobile is increasing productivity 10-fold for customer product delivery and will continue to do so in the future.  With that being said, JetSmarter is a technology platform and will continue to evolve with this ever changing industry, especially as we continue to expand globally.

Your Luxury

Franck Demaury : What is your most important pride – personal and professional?

My family, faith, and giving back to those in need.

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