Recently revealed in a world premiere, Louis XIII the Mathusalem is a new exclusive and prestigious creation from the Maison de Cognac Louis XIII. Read more about its production and the next sale.


Louis XIII the Mathusalem: a Story of Cognac and Excellence

We could describe it as a mysterious man, a centenarian, with a rich and complex personality. It could also be a woman, one who knows how to provoke emotion instinctively and directly. She would be remarkable, incomparable. But the Louis XIII cognac is a mélange of all of this, with added elegance, force and passion: the elegance of the finely crafted crystal Baccarat carafe, the strength of the juice patiently composed like the partition of a great classic, and the passion of the men and women that have given life to Louis XIII throughout its history. Louis XIII is a plunge back in time; it is the rediscovery of the finer things in life and, above all, it is the art of savoring a beautiful moment.


Louis XIII the Mathusalem: the Path to Excellence

It must be said that every drop that runs down your throat is approximately 100 years of history flowing through you. At first, only a tiny dose is needed to make your tastebuds tingle. It runs under the palate, on to the tongue and begins to recount its history, its flavors. This drop of Louis XIII Cognac is the fruit of an exceptional savoir-faire of 4 generations of cellar masters.


This taste has undergone many transformations in the past century and has become the provocateur of an exceptional aromatic experience brought on by 1,200 spirits, each one hibernating at least 40 years in the barrels of Maison Louis XIII.


After the first, almost burning sensation, the delicate mouthfuls succeed one another. You’re surprised by the lasting pleasure in your mouth, rolling the taste to bring out the flavors of myrrh, prune, vanilla. Then you bring the crystal glass to your nose. This is when the strength of leather appears; one can easily imagine the great men of bygone eras tasting this incomparable cognac. Then comes the scent of honey, wood and honeysuckle, and the magic is released. It follows you after the tasting, an hour, two hours… while the taste develops in your mouth, the memories of the first taste of Louis XIII are already coming back.

Louis XII is a tasting for grand occasions, ones to be celebrated and shared. A history of exceptional content allows Louis XIII cognac to easily conjure an exceptional Mathusalem…


Louis XIII the Mathusalem: For Sale in an Exclusive First Edition

Louis XIII is granted a  as precious as it’s taste: a Mathusalem. For the first time, the bottle will transform into a 6-liter work of art, majestic and monumental.

Blown and sculpted by the artisans of Maison Baccarat, the first Mathusalem Louis XIII is a veritable artistic feat that only the best could create and execute. Baccarat has over twenty artisans labeled Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, the highest award for artisans in the country. Louis XIII produces the best cognac… excellence certainly solicits excellence!

LXIII-Mathusalem-Baccarat2-LD LXIII-Mathusalem-Baccarat3-LD

For this premiere, the first Louis XIII Mathusalem will be presented in a luxuriant casing, accompanied by 8 crystal glasses, a pipette and a tray. Harrods will be exclusively selling the casing starting from September to October 2016.

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