Located in Nevada, the luxury Villa at 663 Scenic Rim Drive will seduce lovers of architecture, design and ecology. The selling price is $3,875,000.

villa 663 Scenic Rim Dr, Henderson NV 89012 architecture

$3,875,000: The Price of Your Luxury Villa in Nevada

Created by Josh Anderson’s team at Element Design Build, the villa located at 663 Scenic Rim Drive is a unique yet fitting marriage of two worlds: luxury and ecology. Let’s be honest, in this gated community in Nevada, you won’t be the only ones benefiting from this 575-squared meter (6189 squared feet) house, as its design also helps the environment. This house was ranked the highest level of green building achievement on the U.S. Council for the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

villa 663 Scenic Rim Dr, Henderson NV 89012 outside

Photovoltaic solar panels, tankless water heaters, hydronic air handlers, “intelligent” fireplaces… that’s just the beginning of the list of all the eco-friendly elements integrated into this two-story building.

villa 663 Scenic Rim Dr, Henderson NV 89012 pool

Built with sustainable materials, the villa includes 5 bedrooma dna 5 bathrooms. Built to show future trends in building design to professionals from the industry at the International Builder’s Show, this villa is now being sold for $3,875,000.

With such prestige, this avant-garde residence could have easily resembled a demonstrative prototype rather than a luxury home. Yet this modern villa has been carefully decorated to give maximum comfort to its owners. The light falling from the large windows and the solar-powered energy allow owners to save $5,100 a year.

villa 663 Scenic Rim Dr, Henderson NV 89012 lounge

The interior perfectly harmonized with the exterior thanks to a soothing, neutral color palette this villa is timeless, avant-garde and waiting for you.