This is a milestone event in the art world: Artvera’s Gallery is hosting Henk Helmantel’s first exhibition in Switzerland.

Galerie ArtVera's Geneva

A real first in Switzerland, “Henk Helmantel: a contemporary old master”

Henk Helmantel is a master of Dutch realism and world-renowned for his pictorial pieces which create a dialogue between man and object. A true phenomenon in the art world, the painter has a penchant for still life paintings which he stages using pieces from his personal collection. His work, which also presents the inside of monasteries and medieval churches, illustrates man’s fascination for Christianity.

Galerie ArtVera's Geneve 24_Henk Helmantel, Crypt of the St. Lebuinus Church in Deventer, 2015, oil on panel, 116 x 138 cm

Bringing the light of Abrahamic religion into his art, Henk Helmantel produces canvases depicting archaic Chinese bronzes, Rhine crystal, pottery, antique books and divine light.

Galerie ArtVera's Geneve 01_Henk Helmantel, St. Walbrugis Church, 1969, oil on panel, 102 x 78 cm (frame)

A path has been designed with thirty pieces for this one-off exhibition in Switzerland at Artvera’s Gallery. Visitors are taken on a journey to explore paintings from the 60s to the present day. Pieces by other Dutch artists have been hung alongside Helmantel’s pastoral works along the path. Artworks by painters who inspired him, such as Jacques de Claeuw, Jacob Foppens van Es, Hans van Sant, Willem Claeszoon Heda and Hubert van Ravesteyn, enable visitors to soak up the world of a current, understated painter who was named Artist of the Year at the Kunstenaar van het Jaar Awards.

Galerie ArtVera's Geneve 14_Henk Helmantel, Walnuts and eggs, 1999, oil on panel, 45 x 50 cm

Henk Helmantel, international and realist artist

At the age of 70, Henk Helmantel has over a hundred exhibitions behind him and his work is displayed in the best collections all over the world. Artvera’s Gallery specialises in major trends from the late 19th and early 20th century. Originally part of the Impressionist movement, Henk Helmantel has since moved to Realism. The meticulous and painstaking artist perfectly reproduces the effects of light on bottles, vases and other reflective items.

Galerie ArtVera's Geneve 03_Henk Helmantel, Still Life with cherries, peaches and apricots, 1989, oil on panel, 31 x 48 cm

This milestone event in Switzerland is not to be missed as Artvera’s Gallery pays tribute to a master until February 27th 2016. “Henk Helmantel: a contemporary old master” Artvera’s, rue Etienne-Dumont 1, 1204 Geneva